Healthy food: List of Healthy food

A portion of healthy food is responsible to maintain overall health. Healthy food together with physical activities helps you to enjoy a healthy life. In a situation like COVID 19, it becomes very difficult for everyone to maintain a healthy life. In this pandemic situation, one should fill his/her body with a healthy diet to support a healthy immune system.



There is a variety of food which one can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Filling up your belly with a quality portion of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and cereals can give you a healthy life. Healthy food is not only delicious to eat but it is eye-catching as well at the same time.
Healthy Fruits:
Not all fruits are created with the same benefits. Here is a list of most healthy fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle:
  • Apple:
There is a well known saying that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. It is very common overall in the world and is very beneficial for a healthy contains a portion of calcium and Vitamin D, therefore, it is considered to improve bone health.
It is used over time as a weight-loss tool. At the same time, it is a good source of fibres.
  • Grapefruit:
Grapefruit is a fibrous fruit that is full of nutrition. It boosts your immune system.
it is considered to control high blood pressure hence control heart diseases. It controls appetite and acts as an antioxidant.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food
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  • Avocado:
Avocado is the most healthy fruit of all is rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, and, at the same time Vitamin E and Vitamin C.unlike other fruits, it provides the body with healthy fats.
A portion of avocado can provide the maximum amount of potassium to your body.
  • Pineapple:
Pineapples are rich sources of vitamin C and fibres. They act as antioxidants and play a vital role to Boost up your immune system. As it is an antioxidant therefore it cures you against different diseases like cancer and heart diseases.
  • Pomegranate:
Pomegranate is filled with many beneficial nutrients. It protects against heart diseases and cancer. At the same time, it protects your body against obesity and diabetes.
  • Oranges:
Oranges are goods sources of Vitamin C. They are high in fibre and act as antioxidants.
Other fruits:
All the fruits are not only sweeter but at the same time very helpful for a healthy life. They include mango, cherries, apricot, melon, pineapple, etc.
Meat is considered a rich source of vitamins and proteins. At the same time, it is considered as a rich source of minerals.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food

There is a variety of meat which has different advantages.
  • Beef meat:
Beef meat is a big source of protein and Minerals. It is a big source of L carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the meat. it has various positive impacts on health issues.
  • Camel meat:
Camel meat is one of the biggest sources of protein and contains lower fat and lower cholesterol in it. like other red meat, it contains a high amount of calcium magnesium potassium and other bodily nutrients.
  • Chicken breast:
Chicken meat is a big source of protein. It controls the amino acid levels in the body which may be harmful if the level is too high.
Eggs are the richest source of protein. Most of the portion of protein is present in egg white. Together with protein and other essential nutrients eggs play a vital role in healthy living.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food

Healthy nuts:
 Nuts are the biggest source of fats, proteins, and fibres. Along with these benefits they also contain omega 3 and omega 6. Both omega 6 and omega 3 play a vital role in healthy growth and development.
  • Almonds:
Almonds are a healthy source of fats, proteins, and fibres, and hence considered a healthy diet. Almonds are usually considered brain and eye diet. As they are a rich source of vitamin E they sharpen the memory.
  • Peanuts:
Peanuts like other nuts are full of proteins, fibres, and vitamins. It contains a huge amount of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium and at the same time, it is very high in calories.
  • Pistachios:
  Pistachio is a dry fruit which is full of health is considered an antioxidant. It contains a high amount of protein with low calories. At the same time, it helps in lowering blood sugar.
Healthy vegetables:
There are a lot of vegetables which are very helpful for a healthy lifestyle. Leafy green vegetables are considered more beneficial.
Not all the vegetables are created with the same benefits or with equal benefits.
 Here is a list of most  healthy vegetable:
  • Spinach:
Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is considered the most healthy vegetable on the planet. It is rich in Vitamin A Vitamin C and Vitamin K. In addition to these, it is also a rich source of magnesium iron and magnesium. Eating leafy green vegetables may reduce health issues, like high blood pressure and eyesight problems.
  • Carrots:
Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. It also proves very helpful in eyesight problems due to the high amount of vitamin A in it.studies have shown that eating carrots may reduce the risk of cancer in drug-addicted persons.
  • Garlic:
Garlic has a variety of health benefits. For a very long time, it is used as a medicinal plant. It is used to reduce blood sugar and different heart diseases. It can also control blood cholesterol levels.
This vegetable is rich in nutrients and protein. Kale belongs to the cabbage family. Mostly it is used to build and repair muscles because it contains a high amount of protein.
Dairy Products:
Dairy products are a rich source of calcium. They strengthen the bones very effectively. Different dairy products include yoghurt and milk.
Dairy products are equally beneficial for both kids and youngers.


Trigger Veg adds a ton of flavor to any recipe, but it doesn’t add much to your back.  Onions contain anthocyanins, which boost blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels, in addition to minerals and oils that help break down fats and speed up your metabolism.  Research shows that a diet rich in onions can also boost your mood, regulate your sleep and reduce your risk of cancer.

Overall all the natural produce vegetables, fruits and grains are very beneficial for health.


Weight loss: Tips and Tricks

How to get rid of extra fat is the most frequently asked question all time. To answer this simple question is very easy but following the whole guideline is not as simple as it appears to be. There are different strategies in which people can opt to lose weight.
Usually, people gain weight when they eat more than their body needs. However not only this factor induce obesity but there are a lot of other factors at the same time such as genetic factors, hormonal problems, metabolic disorders, body type, and daily life routine.
Obesity is the most widely spread problem throughout the world. It is very easy to gain weight but the weight loss journey is very difficult.
Researches have shown that every year almost 2.8 million people die due to complications arises related to obesity.
Obesity health risk:
There are different diseases directly related to obesity.such as
·         High blood pressure
·         Diabetes
·         brain stroke
·         heart stroke
·         liver disease
·         kidney disease and many more.
These diseases can only be controlled by lowering body fat.
Diet for weight loss:
Different myths are associated with a weight loss diet. Different foods absorb through different metabolic pathways in the body. There are different diet plans which leave you hungry even after taking a complete meal.
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks
There are different low energy diets that don’t fill you up completely. However, all the diets do not do the same. A good diet plan helps you to lose weight and aims to:


·         Reduce your appetite
·         Readily helps you lose weight
·         Improve metabolic health
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Weight lose diet:
Many different quick weight diet plans are available which help you reduce weight.
Cut back on carbs:
Lowering down sugar in your diet helps you to lose weight. There are different diet plans which are suggested by health consultants which help to maintain lower body weight include lower sugar and carbohydrates.
An advantage of lowering carbs is that it lowers down insulin level in the blood and hence in that sense it aids the kidney to shed down extra sodium and water content.
Researches have shown that low carbs diets are even more helpful in lowering a weight than low-fat diets.
Low carbs vegetables:
Different vegetables are lower in carbs but still are considers healthy diets. The list of low carbs vegetables is given below
·         Cauliflower
·         Tomato
·         Cabbage
·         Cucumber
·         Lettuce etc
These are all leafy green vegetables that help lower body fat. These are all low in calories and full of fibers.
Eating leafy green vegetables fill up your hunger without much affecting body weight as these are lower in fat. Additionally, leafy green vegetables are also rich in nutrients, calcium, and vitamin C.
Healthy fat diet:
It was considered that fats are not good for a healthy life. But now the time has been changed and studies have shown that not all the fats are not harmful to your body. Some fats are even more useful for healthy body growth.
Sources of healthy fats include:
·         Olive oil
·         coconut oil
·         butter
·         cheese etc
Different exercises are used to shed down extra weight.These exercises work by burning extra body fat.List of useful exercises are mentioned as under:
All physical activities that are useful to burn fat are considered for weight loss. Walking is one of these exercises that are used to burn extra body fat.
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks
Figure 2:morning walk for weight loss
When we move or walk full body comes in working position. But walking alone is not enough to lose weight, it is helpful only when you maintain a less caloric diet along with.
Jogging or Running:
Jogging and running are considered to be the best fat burning exercises.Running is an action in which runner moves on quickly than to walking. A healthy life needs a healthy body, and a healthy body can be build up by doing different exercises.
Figure 3:Jogging:best fat burning exercise
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks

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Blender’s Four Tips for Home Workouts

After running your body absorbs maximum oxygen and hence it nourishes your body and increases metabolic rate. At the same time running helps to decrease different disease rates like Heart Failure, Depression, and different mental diseases.

Like jogging and walking, another fat-burning exercise is cycling.It helps in tightening muscles hence reduce leg fats.
Figure 4:cycling for fat lose
Only 30 minutes of cycling daily will help you to burn a maximum of fats and hence aids in weight loss.
There are a lot of other exercises that are at the same time very important and proves very useful to lower body fat.

The 7 Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout


The seemingly endless exercises available to make your head spin. That’s enough. Sure, you know the basics, but do you know which exercises are best for physical exercise?

In general, a candidate for the “best” title would be an easy exercise in learning a strong candidate that targets multiple muscle groups and gives you practical strength and muscle tone to meet your fitness goals. ۔ Exercises that do not require choice add extra credit to expensive equipment.

Here are seven best exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for a great and effective physical workout.

This push-up may be old school, but it is effective.
One reason is that most people in elementary school have been introduced to push-ups. It works on a wide range of muscles, although they mainly target the chest, triceps and core. People usually lift about 60 percent of their body weight when they complete push-ups.

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There are many different types of push ups, so make your choice. Just make sure push ups are part of your training.

1. Lungs Challenging your balance is an integral part of your workout routine. This is what happens in the lungs, which promotes practical movement, while also increasing the strength in your legs and shine.

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and keep your arms down.
Take a step forward with your right leg and bend your right knee when you do this, stopping when your thigh is parallel to the ground. Make sure your right knee does not extend beyond your right foot.
Push up your right foot and return to the starting position. Repeat with your left leg. This is a representative
Complete 10 delegates for 3 seats.

Drop and give me 20! Push-ups are one of the most basic yet effective body weight moves you can perform, which is why the number of muscles is recruited to perform them.

Start at the plate position. Your core should be tight, shoulders should be pulled down and back, and your neck should be neutral.

Bend your elbows and start lowering your body down to the floor. When your chest bites it, extend your elbows and come back to the beginning. Pay attention to keeping your right side close to your body while moving.

Complete up to 3 sets of delegates.
If you can’t do enough standard push-ups with good shape, drop to your knees in a modified position – you will still get a lot of benefits from this exercise while building strength.

3. Squats
Squats increase flexibility in your lower back and hips, as well as lower body and core strength. Because they engage some of the larger muscles in the body, they also pack an important punch in terms of calories burned.

Stand up straight with your legs slightly shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides.
Tie your hips and keep your chest and chin up, push your hips back and bend your knees as if you are going to sit on a chair.

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Make sure your knees do not bend inwards or outwards, unless your thighs are parallel to the ground, fall down, and keep your arms relaxed in front of you. Pause for a second, then extend your legs and return to the starting position.

   Complete 3 sets of 20 delegates.

4. Standing overhead dumbbell press

Compound exercises, which use multiple joints and muscles, are perfect for busy bees because they work multiple parts of your body together. A standing overhead press is not only the best exercise you can do on your shoulders, it also engages your upper and lower back.

Luggage: 10 pound dumbbells

Choose a lighter set of dumbbells – we recommend 10 pounds to get started. And start by standing, either shoulder width apart or staggering. Move the weight from top to bottom so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
Find your part, start pushing it until your arms are fully extended over your head. Keep your head and neck stationary.
After a short pause, bend your elbows and lower the weight down until your triceps are again parallel to the floor.
Complete 3 sets of 12 delegates.

5. Dumbbell rows

Not only will this dress make your back look killer, but dumbbell rows are another compound exercise that strengthens more than one muscle in your upper body. Choose a moderate weight dumbbell and make sure you are pressed to the top of the movement.

Luggage: 10 pound dumbbells

Losing the abdomen and removing the rumen in 3 days, the abdomen is rotating, no matter how


Losing the abdomen and removing the rumen in 3 days, the abdomen is rotating, no matter how

1 Focus on eating a lot of fiber
2 take probiotics
3 Get enough sleep
4 exercise
5 References
Focus on eating a lot of fiber

Emphasis should be placed on eating more fiber, especially soluble fiber, due to the fact that it contributes to absorbing a large amount of water, and also works to slow the passage of food through the digestive system, which helps delay stomach emptying, and also reduces the caloric absorption of food,  Thus enhancing the feeling of satiety, according to one study, each eating 10 grams of soluble fiber daily contributes to reducing the accumulation of fat around the waist by up to 3.7% over a period of five years, and therefore the fibers, and among the foods rich in fiber: oats, avocado,  Flaxseeds and legumes.

 Take probiotics

Losing the abdomen and removing the rumen in 3 days, the abdomen is rotating, no matter how
Probiotic bacteria enhance the weight loss process, they reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity, and also help build beneficial intestinal plants. Studies have proven that there are certain strains of probiotics that are more effective than others in reducing belly fat, and reducing waist size such as: bacteria  Lactobacillus is among the foods rich in probiotics: Indian mushrooms, pickles, and some types of yogurt.

 Get enough hours of sleep

A research conducted by the University of Chicago showed that people who sleep 7 hours and more at night will have a reduced sense of hunger, and they can also reduce fat to double compared to those who sleep less than 7 hours at night, and this method is considered one of the easiest ways to get a belly  Flat, suitable for all ages.

 Doing exercise

Exercise helps enhance the elimination of rumen and sides, and the most important exercises that can be practiced are: [2]

Aerobic exercises: A study conducted at Duke University proved that aerobic exercises are among the most effective exercises in burning abdominal fat, especially stomach fat, where researchers have proven that aerobic exercises contribute to burning about 67% of calories more than resistance exercises  .

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Strength training: strength exercises help to fully enhance the burning of body fat, by building muscle free of fat, and it is known that the muscles need more calories than fat, and therefore the more muscle size the more calories burned until  When relaxing and resting, it is recommended that you do strength training two to three times per week.

Losing the abdomen and removing the rumen in 3 days, the abdomen is rotating, no matter how

full body circuit workout

full body circuit workout

full body circuit workout

 Contents for full body circuit workout

 1 body flabby
 2 methods of body lift
 3 natural recipes for body lift
 4.Egg white
 5.Honey and bananas
 7.Yogurt and strawberry
 8.Crushed alum and starch
 9.Olive oil and glycerin
 11.body lift exercises
 12.Plastic body lift operations
 Sagging body

full body circuit workout

Aging or losing excessive weight leads to sagging skin and this may lead to discomfort and loss of some self-confidence, and for this, those who suffer from this problem are always looking for ways to treat them, and there are many methods and treatments used to tighten the body, which  Among them, plastic surgery, but the high cost of such surgeries makes the person search for alternative methods less expensive, and we will talk here about the most important methods of body lift
Natural recipes for body lift
full body circuit workout
 Many natural substances can be used to tighten the body, for example:
Egg whites
 It is one of the methods that have a strong effect to tighten the skin, since the egg white is characterized by its ability to approximate the body tissues from each other, which leads to tightening, and the egg white is used by rubbing the areas to be tightened in the body and leaving it for a period ranging between 15-20 minutes before washing the area  , And until the desired result is obtained, it is preferred to use this method twice a week.

Honey and bananas

Banana is characterized by its ability to moisturize the skin, as it contains fats that improve the elasticity of the skin and help to tighten it, and honey and olive oil are added because of their benefits in moisturizing the skin and because they contain anti-oxidants that will repair damaged skin cells as well, and to prepare this mixture  The following is followed:
 the ingredients
 Half a fresh banana.
 A teaspoon of honey.
 A teaspoon of olive oil.


 Bananas are peeled and then crushed well.
 Add honey and olive oil to the banana.
 Spread the mixture over the areas to be tightened in the body, leave it for a quarter of an hour, and then wash the area with lukewarm water.
 The area is washed again with cold water to seal off the pores.


full body circuit workout
 It has antiseptic properties against germs, as well as its ability to stretch flabby areas of the body, in the following way:

 the ingredients

 Two tablespoons of whole wheat flour.
 Teaspoon of turmeric powder.
 Two tablespoons of milk.
 Half a teaspoon of honey.


full body circuit workout
 In a deep bowl, put the flour with turmeric, then add milk and honey, and mix the ingredients well until a thick dough forms.
 A thin layer of dough is placed on the area to be tightened in the body and left to dry completely, and may take a quarter of an hour.
 The area is washed with cold water.

 Yogurt and strawberry

 This mask not only works to tighten the body, but also improves the work of the blood circulation, and can be prepared by mixing two fruits of mashed strawberries well, with a tablespoon of yogurt, and then distribute the mask over the areas to be tightened in the body, and leave it for twenty minutes before washing  The body.

 Ground alum and starch

 The mask is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of ground alum with a tablespoon of starch, and then mixing the ingredients well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before using this mask, it should be tried on a small area in the body and ensure that it does not cause allergies. The mask is used by massaging  The area to be tightened in the body.

 Olive oil and glycerin

 This mask is prepared according to the following method:

 the ingredients

 Two tablespoons of any kind of moisturizing cream.
 Three tablespoons of glycerin.
 Three tablespoons of olive oil.
 A few drops of rose water and lemon juice.


 Mix ingredients well and then put them in a closed glass container.
 The glass case is placed in a container containing boiling water.
 An appropriate amount of the mask is taken and distributed over the area to be tightened in the body.
 Massage the area to be tightened with a mask, then leave for an hour before washing the body with soap and water.


This mask is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of coffee with a tablespoon of olive oil, and then the area to be tightened is massaged with this mask. After finishing the massage, the area is wrapped with a piece of nylon and left for an hour until the body sweats, and then is taken  Bathroom.
Body lift exercises
There are several exercises that can be done to help tighten the body, the most important of which are:
  Stair climbing: Some believe that stair climbing is not a type of exercise, but it is true that this exercise has an excellent effect on tightening the body, especially the hips, buttocks and legs, and this exercise causes the body to lose many calories.
 Forearm exercise: This exercise is carried out by extending the body to the abdomen, and then lifting it by hands and forearms, while the body remains tight, and it contributes greatly to stretching the shoulders and chest.
 Jumping rope: This exercise helps to keep the body taut, and it also saves the body from calories, as it is possible to lose approximately 135 calories within ten minutes of exercising.
 Stomach exercise: This exercise works to tighten and slim the abdomen, as it is possible to burn approximately 70 calories within ten minutes of practicing this exercise.

 Yoga exercises.

full body circuit workout

 Jogging, and this exercise can be done outside the home where the body remains tight.
 Do the dance.
 bicycle riding.
 Plastic body lift operations
 Aesthetic body-lift surgeries are appropriate for people who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, and a person may have lost weight either through following a diet with exercise, or have performed stomach reduction or any other reason, and each person has a different body nature  On the other hand, therefore, before resorting to such operations, you should speak with the specialist to determine the type of skin and how the process affects the patient taking into account the person’s age, general health, and many factors that the specialist must know before the decision to perform the operation and there are many different surgeries  Firming the body, na  The specialist is often advised to do more than one process in stages so that the body does not overburden and to facilitate the patient’s recovery.