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In ancient times, beautiful black, long and thick hair was given primary importance.
The changing style over time has also changed the quality of beauty. Now, no matter how short the hair is, no matter what color it is and in modern styling. Shampoos, conditioners and hair tonics have replaced the home-made tips for hair care and protection in today’s busy schedule.
But many non-standard products made from chemicals are slowly losing their dull color and natural beauty. D
hair care attention

Hair protection

Comb your hair very gently and gently, especially for wet hair, which is the weakest condition, so avoid combing or brushing wet hair.
Allow hair to dry naturally. A hair dryer should also be used when the hair is in a hurry or needs to be styled in a certain way. Straighten the hair well before washing, then after drying, comb or brush. Or use a high quality brush. Haircuts once a month have the best effect on their growth and health.
Modern hairstyles are a bit difficult to handle. On hot summer days, having a hair braid or pair protects the hair from dust and does not remove it. Use pure mustard on the scalp at least twice a week. Or apply coconut oil. Applying oil two hours before washing hair gives good results. This process of massaging the hair with shine accelerates the blood circulation and gradually it starts to improve.
When you go out of the house, you should take a scarf to protect your hair from the sun and dust.

Protect your hair in natural ways

Beautiful and healthy hair cannot be achieved with shampoo alone with limited care.
In addition to external measures, internal health also affects the hair. Include fresh vegetables and flowers in your diet. Increase the amount of water you are drinking. Eggs, fish, milk, cheese, butter and plenty of meat. It should be a part of the diet. Lack of vitamins in the body impairs the overall health of the hair. Beauty experts prefer a balanced diet for hair and skin beauty.
Be sure to include coconut or brown sugar in your daily diet. Massage the scalp with coconut milk once a week before washing your hair. This is one of the best hair conditioners. Apply oil for at least two hours before washing your hair. Therefore, applying cow’s milk to the hair makes the hair soft, shiny and silky. Make a powder by grinding fenugreek seeds.
Make a thick paste in rose water and milk and leave it on the hair for half an hour, then wash your baby with shampoo. Before going to bed at night, tilt your head and brush quickly. Blood circulation will increase and hair will become shiny. Water has a miraculous effect on the skin, hair and digestive system.
Use it twice a week as an integral part of your diet. Heat the olive oil. Now massage the roots of the hair with this donkey oil. Soak a towel in warm water and wrap it around the hair. Repeat this process twice a week. Due to the steam, the pores of the scalp open and oil enters them. The exposed ends of the hair also begin to disappear with this treatment.

what hair extensions are best for thin hair

what hair extensions are best for thin hair

miles had been home-schooling his kids, Mark and Polly. It was tough. He was exhausted. Mark found it hard to stay on task, and he got cross with Miles, which made Miles feel like a bad teacher and an even worse father. The kids worked at the dining table. One day Miles was bent over the table, facing Mark, helping him spell the word APOCALYPSE. He heard Mark say, “Okay, baldy.” At first, he thought he might have said, “Okay, buddy,” but he hadn’t. He had said, “Okay, baldy.”

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He told them to take a break and watch some Bluey. As the kids ran to the TV, Miles went to the bathroom. He twisted his neck to try and see the crown of his head in the mirror, but it was no use. He was pretty sure he wasn’t going bald, but he needed to know. He pulled out his phone, held it above the back of his head, and took photos of the crown. He looked at the photos; they did not lie. He had a bald patch. When he zoomed in on the patch, he could see that he had maybe five hairs per square centimetre.

That was thin. He felt cold, and sweaty, too. How could this be happening? He had always had thick hair. People said his hair was luscious. Imposing. His father had a full head of white hair right up until he died. More importantly, his mother’s father had thick curly hair. Miles had not planned for this. He knew that at some point he would get fat and old and wrinkled, but he had counted on his hair not leaving him. That was the one thing he knew he had.

He didn’t see Polly standing in the doorway. She was like a ghost the way she did that. A bit creepy.
“Daddy, why are you taking photos of your head?”
“Do you want to know the truth?”
“My hair is falling out.”
“My dolly’s hair’s falling out, too.”
“But you still love your dolly, don’t you?”
“Not as much as I love my new one.”
That night, as his wife pulled on the old t-shirt she wore to bed, he said, “Can I ask you something?”
“Am I going bald?”
“I am! Look at my head! Mark called me baldy. I took some photos and he’s right, I have a bald patch.”
“Let me see.”


He knelt on the bed, and she stood behind him, peering down at the crown of his head.
“You’re maybe thinning out a little, but that’s natural.”
“Don’t you get it? This shit happens really fast. I have about six months left, and then I’m fucked!”
“Keep your voice down, Jesus.”
“Will you still want to cuddle me?”
“Cuddle you or cuddle you?”
“Cuddle me.”
“Please don’t joke about this.”

He didn’t sleep well that night. He went into a sort of panic attack that seemed to last hours, but not go past an eight out of ten panic-wise. All night, he made lists in his head of all the people he had wanted to talk to since he was a boy, but hadn’t because he hadn’t felt attractive enough. He realised he should have done it because now he would be ten times less attractive. In fact, if he were to have his hair for the rest of his life, he would find a fresh wellspring of confidence, even though he would be the same man he had always been. Fucking hair, man. It’s just hair! It’s dead skin cells or whatever. Dead blood cells.
The next day, when his wife was done with her work and the kids were glued to their screens, he went for a walk in the park. He saw a man sitting on a bench. The man had long hair, and the hair was damp from the shower. Miles had often toyed with the idea of growing his hair long — now he would never get the chance. How did this man dry his long hair? Did he use a hairdryer? Or did he flip it forward so it hung down over his face like a curtain? And did he rub it with a towel the way you rub sticks to make fire when you’re lost in the bush? Did it matter? The man was reading a book. Miles could not see the title of the book, but he could see the look on the man’s face. The man was trying to put out a sensitive intellectual vibe, and maybe the long hair was part of that. Miles was pretty certain all men who grew their hair long were like this, or they had been part of a rock scene when they were young. They had had some good times in that scene, the best times, and the hair was a way of never letting go of those times. Never ever.
Miles walked among the tall trees and thought about the man who worked in the local council. He was bald on top with a long ponytail going down the back. He also wore some sort of rock ‘n’ roll boots, and his wrists were clangy with bracelets. He was a bracelet guy. Some were leather but most of them were silver, and at least one of them had what you might call an amulet hanging off it. Miles wondered where he got these bracelets. Bali? Zurich? What was the bracelet selection process? What was it based on? What did a bracelet have to have for a man to stop and say “I must have that bracelet.” Miles wondered if he would turn into a bracelet guy. He needed something. Maybe a vintage motorbike, or a record collection, or Wing Chun, or UFC. Maybe he would have to get super jacked. He had seen lots of bald guys who build muscles to make up for the baldness. He has seen them as desperate, but now he had joined their ranks. And maybe that was okay.

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On the other side of the park, he bent down to drink from the fountain. As he was lapping up the water, he saw Lola, a woman he had once worked with. She was one of those women who wore washed-out floral frocks from the Fifties, and she might have been fifty-five but she might have been thirty-five. More than once he had been in a meeting with her and had thought about removing her make-up with a credit card or spatula. Her Instagram bio said she was a baker, a shaker, a maker, and a procrastinator. She posted pictures of the things she baked, as well as photos of the men who popped up for a month or two and then disappeared. Miles had been in a company meeting once, with the entire company, like four hundred people, and he had been hovering several feet behind Lola. He heard her say to her friend: “Oh Miles? Yeah. Oh yeah, he has the best hair in the company.” It had made him so happy to hear that. He had a meeting later that day, and he thrashed it. He sold the fuck out of it. Had the whole room eating out of the palm of his hand. But there would be no more meetings like that. He did not have the best hair in the company. Or the park. Or even his family. He wiped the water from his chin, and he hid behind a tree, waiting for Lola to walk past.

what should i do with my hair

Ever feel like you could use a shape change, but you’re not sure where to start? Janice felt the same way about her long locks, which is the subject of our modern girl’s transformation. The 18-year-old student and blogger has had his hair tied up in long, usually ponytails or tops for many years. When I was little, my grandmother used to let me cut the bowl. I remember always looking like a boy, so I always avoided haircuts and kept my hair very long. She knew in that look that he was ready for a change, but she was not sure what he was going to do. So we left the jeans in the hands of Ricardo Dennis, a heavy stylist and avida global artistic director who specializes in heavy cutting at the Avada Academy in New York. That’s how it all collided with each other.

Every haircut should start with advice (if the salon stops you from the shampoo station before you see the salon, run away), just as Ricardo started with jeans. If you have a problem with your hair, it’s time to let them know. Is jeans the main concern? “My hair is very flat,” he said.

Ricardo knew exactly where to go. “By keeping it longer, you’re working against gravity,” he explained. “If so, both shoulders are completely move length.”

How Do I Get Fiberglass out of my Skin

“Your stylist’s prescription is also an important part of the consultation.” Hairdressers aren’t just trying to sell you expensive bottles. They are taking care of your hair. While combing his jeans, Richardo saw several flights, which told him that his locks needed a moisturizing regimen, such as Evada Dry Medimizing Shampoo and Conditioner (Har 24, Avida.com).

Once Richardo began to cut, the inch fell so fast, Jeans barely had time to say goodbye to his old style. “I was shocked when I saw my hair. Never had short hair before!” After blowing his hair, Richard put the final shapes on his shapes, and our article was on the make-up chair.

With Bang, “you want to play with different parts of the face,” said makeup artist Eva Vananglin. “She likes to play with her eyes, but once she’s in front of you, you can’t always focus on her eyes, because it’s almost invisible.” So Eva chose to focus on a statement lip, adding dimension with highlights and color.

He improved Janice’s skin with titanium moisturizers and concealers, then a palette in Hibiscus (A24, aveda.com) with a nude lighter and two to highlight the gums and add color to the apples. Was made Color of colors, used Ioda petal essence face accent. She filled Jeans’ cheeks with Norris mint lip liner in Barry Bloom ($ 16) and added a smoky lip color of orange plants (16 pounds), a shade of orange. Really, no change needs to erase every aspect of your old look. If something is functioning for you, keep it up. “She loves her eyeliner so I left her,” Eva explained.

Who doesn’t yearn for long lustful hair? But often due to inadequate nutrition and damage to our natural hair growth is hindered. So what can we do to speed up our hair growth? Just follow these simple tips and see for yourself the amazing results.

1. Trimming the rescue

Yes, you heard right. Regular haircuts every eight to ten weeks ensure rapid hair growth. What happens is that due to too much dirt and sunlight, the ends of the hair usually get damaged and coarse, and this leads to split ends. When you trim your hair regularly, it breaks into pieces and allows your hair to breathe and grow without interruption.

2. Make the conditioner your friend
You may have noticed that the ends of the hair are often thinner and worse than the ends of the roots attached to the scalp. This is because the lower part is not well nourished. Conditioning after each hair wash helps to seal the kettle at the end and protects the hair from further damage. It makes your hair healthy. And healthy hair grows faster.

3. Relaxing hot oil massage

A good hot oil massage can be a perfect stress buster for you. Massaging your hair with good warm oil every week ensures that your hair is healthy and there are no more hair strands on your floor or brush. Try using coconut, olive or lavender oil to bring beautiful shine to your hair and help your hair grow.

every. Brush regularly every night

You may have heard that excessive brushing can cause hair loss and physical damage to your hair. Well, not always. It just depends on the brush you use. The use of synthetic brussels sprouts can cause friction in the hair and thus actually damage the hair. Instead, using the right brush, such as the right brush, can properly increase the blood circulation to the scalp. Before you retire for the night, make sure you comb your hair at least 50 times. Cleaning your hair strengthens your roots and makes hair grow faster.


5. Do not wrap your wet hair in a towel

Most of us have a habit of wrapping our wet hair in a towel immediately after shampooing, but there is little awareness of the dangers of this habit. There is a greater risk of hair loss than wet hair, and wrapping them in a towel can be even worse. Our hair is massaged with a large amount of towel fibers which reduces these hair strains. Instead, go for microfiber towels, if you can’t cope with the habit easily.

6. Turn your hair upside down

This may sound weird, but flipping long hair can be amazing. Nothing painful, just need to turn your hair upside down for 3 minutes daily for this sign. This leads to better circulation and thus increases hair growth.

7. Say goodbye to pressure

Stress can have many harmful effects on your health. Hair loss is one of them. Excessive stress due to work or personal worries can disrupt the hair cycle, preventing rapid hair growth. To overcome stress, enjoy the pleasures of litigation meditation, yoga or other breathing exercises that can hinder your hair growth.

8. Using an egg mask

What better way to treat your hair than with an egg mask? Eggs, loaded with protein, can be a miracle when it comes to growing your hair and thus creating new hair. Just apply a teaspoon of oil (preferably olive oil) mixed with an egg white on your hair and scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes before shampooing and you’re done. Just do it once a month and see results you can’t even imagine.

should you wash your hair before going to the salon

Should You Shampoo Your Hair Before It Comes? Almost daily, I would come to someone and ask me if I should wash my hair before coloring or highlighting.

The idea of ​​not being washed before color service goes back to the old days, when color products were much harder than today’s soft colors. There is a slight strain of natural oil on the scalp and there is minimal staining. This was especially important for bleaching services, which can be very irritating to the scalp.

7 Things About : Men’s Skin Care Products

Move fast, and many customers are instructed to believe that the darker the hair, the better the color. Here are some guidelines for preparing your own hair for the perfect color service.

1. Wash your hair 12 to 24 hours before your dye. This will ensure the hair is clean, but the oil in your scalp will allow you to create a protective barrier against irritation and staining.

the. Wash hair, but do not scratch the scalp aggressively. Broken skin or scratches with paint or bleach will definitely burn or fade.

If you work hard before coloring, wash your hair. Excessively oily hair loses weight, slows down, and does not improve color.

sure. Make sure you cover the products you use to cover your roots between services before you go to the salon, or arrange to come first to get a shampoo. Otherwise you may not get the coverage you want.

5. Dutto for dry shampoo. This can lead to the barrier that the color does not penetrate well.

6. Shampoo especially well if you use oils such as coconut oil or olive oil in your hair. Heavy oil products make the paint ineffective, and lighten up everywhere.

7. Styling products are generally fine, as long as you don’t overload them. Hairspray can be removed before service, and most oil products are fine.

dry. Come with dry hair, or rush to dry it under a dryer, although the color fades on damp hair, when you feel more relaxed in your sectioning and you start with a dry head of hair.

The best Hair Care routine | simpletipsofhealth

Wandering about the best hair care routine? Here you will get answers to all your queries. Beautiful and shiny hair is the dream of everyone. But due to environmental pollution and different shampoos stuffed with a number of chemicals, it is not possible to meet the expected criteria.
Best Hair Care

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, every kind of hair requires certain hair care treatments. These treatments are used worldwide and are thought to be universal. Different people spend too much money and time on shampoos, but these chemically stuffed shampoos do not give the desired result.

Rough and damaged hair lower down your beauty, but you must not lose heart. Here we have a number of tips that fit suitable equally to every kind of hair either straight, curly, or dry hair type. Follow these simple hair care routine tips to get shiny healthy and beautiful hair.

 Don’t wash your hair frequently:

Wash your hair after every 2-3days. Washing your hair daily removes the natural hair from your hair. Washing your hair less often helps you to regain the natural shine and luster.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water:

Washing your hair with too hot water removes the natural oil from hair skin. Therefore it is recommended to use lukewarm water as it helps to open up the cuticles and removes dirt from hair skin. The use of lukewarm water also helps in relaxing the hair muscle.

Open pores of hair skin help to absorb the better effects of conditioner in a better way, and hence enhances the growth of hair.

Do not brush wet hair:

It is recommended do not brush your hair right after washing them. Wet hairs are weaker than dry, thus more chances of break down.

Dry them well and then remove detangles using a wide woody comb. Brushing your hair after drying increases the blood supply and hair growth becomes a batter.

Egg treatment:

Eggs are highly enriched with proteins. Use the whole egg to condition your hair. If you have dry or brittle hair, use egg white to moisturize your hair. It will help soften your hair and fix other hair problems. Mix a complete egg (egg white/ or entire egg) with an oil of your choice. Additionally, you can add yogurt to it.
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Apply this mixture thoroughly on your scalp, it will help you to get soft silky and shiny hairs.
Note: If you get irritated with egg smell you can add a few drops of lemon in the above mixture. The addition of lemon in the above mixture will give extra shine to your hair.

Tea tree oil for hair growth:

Tea tree oil ensures healthy hair growth. If you want to increase hair growthtea tree oil works best when it is mixed with other oils such as coconut, or castor oil. The antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil benefit the scalp for proper growth of hair as the oil effectively deals with hair-related problems.

Tea tree oil can help you with various ailments, such as dandruff and hair loss. It keeps your hair healthy and moisturized, which can help it grow at its normal rate and prevent it from falling out.

Use of honey for Hair Shine:

Honey has soothing properties in it making your hair super soft and shiny. Mix a teaspoon full of honey with some conditioner and apply this mixture to your hair. The mixture will turn your hair soft shiny and help increase hair growth.

It is a natural material that is used as a hair conditioner and helps condition your hair thoroughly. Honey is full of moisturizing properties to help keep your hair conditioned and healthy. Not only this but it also contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Don’t dry off your hair with a Towel:

Towel dry is a common way to dry off your hair. Although it is an obvious way to dry off your hair it may not be the last option. Towel drawing sometimes breakdown hair ends.

Therefore experts recommend just squeeze out extra water from your hair by hand and then dry them using a cotton T-shirt, as it is gentler way than towel drawing.

Avoid blow-drying or Heating to Hair:

Heating can damage hair very rapidly. Blow drying or straightening your hair can burn and damage hair mostly. First, try to dry your hair naturally as it is the safest method to dry hair.
Avoid blow drawing
However, if you are in a hurry then, you can use your dryer on the coolest setting (don’t touch that hot setting!), blow your hair dry, keeping the dryer almost 6-inches away from hair at all times and moving it around continuously.

Sleep on silk Pillow:

Silk pillowcases are better than others. The best benefit of using a good silk pillowcase is that it creates less friction on the hair and allows the hair a gentle surface. Using a silk pillow prevents frizziness in hairs.

Silk pillow is recommended over the cotton pillow because a cotton pillow can snag hair and muss it up into a nest of tangles overnight.

 Bottom line:

Although the above-mentioned tips are universally used still there are many other tips that you can use. By using the above-mentioned tips you can get silky, shiny, and hair healthy hair.