beauty of the hair.

There is no doubt that you care a lot about your hair and want to make them look beautiful and shiny. In this regard, usually the time you just do is to add a little bit to it.  And that can be achieved with good style. It should be kept in mind that a certain set of restrictions is necessary for healthy head skin and shiny hair.

 Hair cleansing, hair transplanting to a healthy diet daily, massage, and mentally satisfied and well-being are not only effective in maintaining the beauty of the hair but also their appearance.  It can also eliminate the effects of aging on the hair or skin diseases.

 Proper hair massage is also essential for proper health of the hair.
 Whether you need it or not, but if it is necessary to maintain the beauty of the hair, then it is also necessary to have a head massage. If the massage is done properly, it will result in more than expected.  The best times are after waking up in the morning and before bedtime in the morning. Thanks to the massage, as the local blood circulates freely, the massage of the head proves to be soothing to the head regularly.  Not only gives the hair a new life, it also increases the number and beauty of the hair.

 Apart from this it is also an exercise for local skin. The massage should be done with the fingertips. The fingers should be inserted into the hair and they should be rigid in such a way that the skin of the head also moves with them.  Repeat the process repeatedly. Even during the bleeding, you may notice a red light on the head and tired muscles begin to feel relaxed.
 To make the results of the massage more pleasing, a few drops of aloe cream or any other oil on the head should be applied before the massage. On the one hand, it enhances the brightness of the hair and protects the hair from breaking.  This kind of massage can have a pleasant and surprising effect on the local system, nerve system, brushing and combing hair after the head massage.
 This process not only enhances the aromatic effects of the massage but also has a great effect on local blood circulation and the hair becomes softer and brighter.
 Massage can also be a surefire way to relieve headaches and experiences have shown that even a slight massage can remove the most severe headaches. This is how massage can be done.  To spread the hair of the head first.
 And then massage the fingers thoroughly. But in this case the head should not be rubbed tightly. And it should be massaged two to three times a day and if it is possible to get rid of the disease then strengthen the hair during massage.  It should also be used as a combination of a plant pigment or a useful herbal ingredient.
 Massage can be very useful when it comes to hair fall, and no matter how often the hair falls, regular massage can prevent them from falling. It should also be noted here.
 If there is any nerve center in the head. If there is any damage in the head then it will definitely affect the hair. But a regular massage of these nerves which helps the hair to regain its strength, so the hair will fall off.  And since the massage is corrected by local blood circulation, it gives the hair a diet that strengthens them and if you experience vinegar yourself, you will be able to guess.  How useful is for

Dry Treatment of hair – Hair Removal, Hair Color & Hair Styling

Dry Treatment of hair  – Hair Removal, Hair Color & Hair Styling

Everything created by Allaah is amazing in terms of its purpose, performance, validity and beauty, and in all creation, it is said to man that it is made in the best sense and that is why the speech of Ashraf al-Makhluqat  If we take a closer look at the appearance of the human body, we will find that everything and parts are not only expertly made in terms of their function, but also in the place where they are placed.  He is the best at keeping with his performance and beauty.

 Even the expert from the world expert can not enhance the beauty of the human body by making a difference in this arrangement. That is, if he wants to take the eye somewhere and keep the hair and nails in a different position, then the situation can get worse.

 Then being present and working with these parts in full fitness, fulfills the purpose of life and maintains a sense of well-being and beauty.
 In these exterior parts of the body, the hair of the head also adds to the beauty of the body and is considered to be a very valuable thing. Their actual value is estimated at the time the clouds begin to appear on the moon or the white light in the dark clouds.  At that time, man wants to sacrifice everything to keep his hair intact. Since the hair that has fallen or turned white or blackened naturally, despite all the advances in science, 

 Could not be possible.

 Many diseases occur in the hair. Sometimes they become thin, sometimes they begin to burst and become two mouths. They also begin to dry and bloom.  Or they go white and sometimes fall off. There are many diseases in the skin of the head such as abscesses, coughs, itching, stinging and dandruff.

 In order to keep the hair healthy, shiny and dark, it is important that they are getting the whole diet. Other people are clean and free from diseases. A person who has anemia or has short hair.  Essential nutrients are never supplied, can never own beautiful hair. Particularly important are dietary vitamins A and “W” as well as calcium.
 The hair environment usually worsens its skin diseases and the most common and topical is Bafia dandruff. It is also called “Hezazobariya” in Arabic. The Latin name “Si Borea” is common in trash or  Is called dryness.

 Buffalo is actually a skin moisture that accumulates on the surface of the skin and dries from the heat of the body in the form of straw. All glands are found in the skin, especially in the skin.  That are making some kind of oil or greasy moisturizer.
 So that the skin is not dry and it does not cause irritation due to the severity of the weather and the friction of the work. In some cases this same moisture starts to flow more. It is usually in the skin of the head but seen in some people.  It has been reported that itching occurs on the forehead, eyelids, face, and sometimes on the whole body, which causes significant distress. Cleansing with wash but since it does not reduce leakage, regroups.  Goes

 The reason for the increase in leakage of fat is usually the use of an unbalanced diet. This disease is more common in people who consume more of poultry and fried foods or who have hot spices and peppers in their diet.  Or those who think of vegetables as low-fat and meat, they think that is a treasure of empowerment.
 If the hair is not cleansed, Mel increases the moisture content in the gastric gland.

 Washing hair with more than soap or shampoo can also cause sicknesses and cause hair fall. Because the hair is washed away, this harsh environment is the natural environment of the hair. The germs cannot be nourished.  From the ancient times, this is the view that nourishing hair is made from a tasty substance, which also causes the environment to thrive.
 This is why trunks suggest washing your hair.  For example, it is important to apply sunshine in hair and hair, especially in their roots, such as Amla, raita, sika kai, stalks, berry leaves, yogurt, etc. As the sun kills one germ, in digestion and absorption of other organisms.  This is why it is best to dry the hair in the sun to dry.

 The scalp itself is not harmful, nor does the disease seem from one person to the other. It does not contain any germs. But it forms a layer on the skin of the head, making the skin thin.  Massages and hair cover the roots and there is difficulty in passing the sun and fresh air. The fumes that are released from the fine skin of other skin are also stopped.
 In this fat layer, the mucus begins to accumulate, eventually weakening the hair’s roots. They become weak, thin and then fall off.
 It is not difficult to detect whether the hair is wrinkled or not. When removing the hair and looking at the skin of the head, the white layer looks solid. It is easy to get rid of comb or nails.  If combed over something, it accumulates on a white husk.
 If too much, it can be seen in the hair and sometimes even in the hair. There is anxiety and sometimes itching in the head. All these things give a feeling of arousal and disgust.
 A regular program for the treatment of buffalo needs to be made, which should start with balancing and correcting digestion. Nutrition should include leafy vegetables, cauliflower, carrots, beans and fresh fruits. Milk, butter and eggs.  Can also be given yolk.
 In winter, lubricant liver fish (cardleurial) may be used. In case of excessive blood loss, in the morning, Dalmusk should be taken with a simple, half teaspoon of water, and after eating, a tablespoon of steel.  Mix the onion in water. When sleeping, clean or any other sour syrup should be mixed with two tablespoons of water. If sarbat steel is not suitable for some reason, the debt suljit should be consumed with one cup of water every two times.

 Secondly, it is important to pay attention to hair cleansing. They should be washed daily with plain water and with glycerin soup or shampoo twice a week. It is useful to wash with basin if the skin is smooth and healthy.  The trunks must be included. Otherwise, it is advisable to wash at least one tablespoon of lemon or two tablespoons head in pure, one mug of water, then mix it with water and then rinse with plain water.  Hair should be cleaned.
 In this way, the hair is returned to a dry or rough environment where the germs cannot be brushed and the hair is shiny and coated.
 I should be trimmed and thrown in one and a half mugs of water and then washed and washed with this water. With this, the hair gets stronger as the head gets dry.
 If the dryness is too high, even if the hair is split on two mouths, then 250 grams of khumi, (also called fiber khumi), soak in one and a half mug of warm water and wash it after three hours.  This recipe is also useful in removing wounds but must be used for some time with restriction. Take 250 grams of basin, 25 grams of wheat straw, fenugreek seeds, clones, 50 grams of dried leaves of leaves, leaves and seeds.  

Grind it to fine powder and mix it in basin wheat straw.
 Rake rose and vinegar jam in pure amount of 50 grams two or three times a week, mix it so that it will soak a thin lip. Then the hair is applied like henna and washed with water after half an hour.  In addition, it is also useful to apply linseed flower or pure oil in the hair.

 If too high, 5 towel oils are recommended to be mixed with a towel or a combination of fresh 3 masala, 5 tola oil.
 It is also useful in removing buffaloes.
 It is useful to add a vinegar of equal weight to a few days and then use a simple oilseed flower.
 Buffa is a time-consuming thing to worry about, but it should not be disturbed, because ideas can also cause hair to fall apart and become weak.  Can be achieved, but even after thoroughly wiping off the hair, sometimes a detailed review of the hair should be done to make sure it is not restarted.

 And even if this is suspected, precautionary measures should be initiated as it takes time to resolve it after it has grown.

Follow these habits to make the hair healthy and beautiful

Follow these habits to make the hair healthy and beautiful

 Hair is an important ingredient in women’s beauty, which is extremely important to take care of and try to keep it attractive but hair can be made more beautiful by adopting these habits.  Women say that the day when their hair looks and looks bad, their self-esteem decreases drastically.

 On the day when hair looks beautiful and good, self-esteem also increases.  How to make them look beautiful, beautiful and attractive? All women must face these issues at some point in life.  However, to get rid of all these problems, including hair loss, blockage, weak and thin hair, if you add the following habits to your daily schedule, your hair will soon become green.

  1.  Hair Care Before Bathing: Stretching hair before bathing strengthens the hair because combining with wet hair is more prone to breakage of hair.  Also gets better.  Conditioner: Many women use hair conditioner, but they do not know what is the correct way to use conditioner? First, apply the conditioner in the palm and apply it in the middle of the hair. 

 Take the conditioner to the end and apply it under the hair, then apply the conditioner to the roots of the hair as the hair roots also need it, keep the conditioner in the hair for at least 1 minute. 

 Do not wash hair with warm water: Washing hair with semi-warm water does not cause harm to the hair; however, when the hair is washed with warm hot water, it becomes weak and restrained and also lose its shine.

  Protect hair from direct sunlight: If you think that dangerous rays of the sun, such as ‘UV rays’, can only cause harm to human skin, then it is wrong, sun rays directly on the hair.

 Hair is severely affected by the fall and it also loses its natural color, so be sure to cover the hair with a scarf or scarf when exiting the house. 

 Pillow cloth: One of the major causes of hair loss is that your upper mattress sleeps on the pillow, with the upper layer of hair being called ‘cautious’, causing it to become damaged.  If possible, the cushion of the pillow cloth is silk, so the hair follicles stay fine.

Hair Dryness problam

Very easy to get rid of many problems like dry, headache, smelly breath or yellow teeth, just grind aspirin pills and use them.

Hair Dryness, Headache, Smelling Breath Or Yellow Teeth We suffer from many problems like these and many times the treatment and expensive medicines are not effective, but now an Indian newspaper has published such shocking breaks.

 The report states that these problems can be avoided.

  To remove the headache and dryness of the hair, grind some tablets of aspirin and add two tablespoons of shampoo and apply it to the hair.

  Allow this mixture of aspirin pills and shampoo to last for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash your head.  

This will help you get rid of headaches and dryness.  Aspirin is actually salicylic acid, which works to remove dandruff. Usually, it is common for people with regular brushing and mouth cleansing to suffer from a bad breath problem and with their breathing.

  The foul smell is unbearable.  If you have a problem with respiratory odor, the celery plant is best for you because eating green celery eliminates the bacteria that cause bad breath. Often, sitting hiccups begin to hurt.  ۔  If you are hesitant, eat one or two teaspoons of sugar because sugar removes the attention of our body from hiccups, which hinders it. So you have usually heard that eating an apple daily allows a human to eat.  

You do not have to go to the doctor, but you will be surprised to know that it is also very useful for yellow and yellow teeth.

 Because apple contains acidic acid and other properties which can eliminate the yellowing of the teeth and make them white and white.

  Usually women and gentlemen look very disturbed by the black circles appearing around their eyes that reflect their personality and senses.

  N is known as an eclipse.  If you have dark circles around your eyes then ‘Tea Bags’ are the best thing to do.  Cool the tea bags after use and keep them on the eyes for a while. Since tea leaves are the best antioxidant, you will solve this problem.

 Refrigerate the bags in the refrigerator for best results.  Male hair appears to be disturbed by the hair fall but there is no need to worry anymore, massage the onion water in the head to prevent hair fall, it will stop the hair from falling and start growing.  ۔  Onions are found in high amounts of sulfur, which is a very useful ingredient for hair.

  If the pain sufferers want to get rid of this headache immediately, take a piece of ice and rub it on the back of your neck. The ice will neutralize the nerve tissue that sends the pain signals.  Have been