Body language: Hands on hips pose


‘hands on hips’ are among the gestures we often encounter. I’m sure most people, at least intuitively, know what that means. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The former makes it less likely for you to ignore it the next time you consider it.

This signal is likely to come from someone who is ready for effective action. When we feel the need to push ourselves, we just take action. We only feel the need to emphasize our rights when our rights are violated or we face an unpleasant situation for which we need to straighten things out.

So it can be said that the person who accepts this signal is angry or upset. By placing our hands on our hips and sometimes opening our feet to take a wider stance, we try to look bigger by taking up more space.

In an earlier post about rubbing the neck, I mentioned that during fights, animals try to look bigger because the skin is standing close to the skin. The whole point of trying to be big is to scare the other person you are ready to attack.

The force of power

When you see two people arguing, the person making the gesture is the one who is more angry. They are also more likely to give the first blow if the spread is physical.

This action may not always be formal.

For example, we observe a signal when a player is waiting for the start of an event or when a boxer is waiting for the start of another round. But most of the time, this signal has something to do with consistency. If you remember pictures of action heroes like Batman or Superman, you will often see them in hand gestures because they are always ‘ready for action’, and always ready to defeat the ‘evil boys’. Be ready Claimant style

A police officer on duty often handles the sign, which reads “I’mm go to bust-any-crook-who-messes-around”.

Sometimes a person assumes this sign only because they are tired of resting their arms around them without any help. When we are tired after a long time, we feel it in the scars. So keep the context in mind when you interpret this signal.

Hands on hips pose at hip point

If the person making the gesture is locked in a fist-like position, it indicates hostility in addition to the claim. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to keep this person comfortable.

It’s as if the servant is ready to punch you with his fists. If you bother this person more than a little thing, you may face severe consequences. It’s a good idea to give the person something to keep, which is why they want to get rid of their fist. This can break their hostility.

Aggressive + hostile
Sometimes a person may be ready for action but it is not yet known what is being hacked. For example, if you see your friend arguing with someone, you can immediately run to defend him without knowing what is really going on. This quest is reflected in your body language.

Your hands will rest on your hips vertically instead of in the traditional position. This gesture indicates a formal but curious attitude and is done by a person when he wants to do something but does not know what is happening or is not sure what he should do.
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