Fitness Blender’s Four Tips for Home Workouts

What is a fitness blender?
Fitness Blenders are leaders who can quietly move away from traditional health clubs and on-demand services like online drive exercises that people can do in their living room. … Fitness Blender is at the forefront of free exercise.

Does Fitness Blender Really Work?
I would say, really, not very effective in the long run. Here’s the thing: Fitness Blender exercises are great because they’re free (great plus comprehension), in a great way, in real time and with the help of two really capable people. Researchers say it is best to exercise more often.

Kelly Siegers has shot a video for Fitness Blender, a website with free exercise videos. Daniel Seagers

Gym is not one of the famous Jammu in the country. And it’s free.

Fitness Blender, an online exercise company run by personal trainers Kelly and Daniel Seagers, is the most viewed fitness channel on YouTube and has just passed 4 million users. That’s more than the number of 24-hour fitness members, one of the largest health club chains in the country

Four Tips for Fitness Blender Home Exercise

Kelly Segres, co-founder of YouTube’s top fitness channel Fitness Blender, shares her tips for getting the most out of working out.

Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel and related website includes more than 500 workout videos, most of which were filmed in Seagulls’ garage north of Seattle. Against a white background, they occasionally sweat from basic but challenging moves, including stumbling.

Haley Wilson, a 20-year-old fan from Fort Erie, Ontario, says “these people look normal,” who tattooed the Fitness Blender logo on their left arm last year. “They are like your best football friends who can help you stay healthy.”

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Fitness Blenders are leaders who can quietly move away from traditional health clubs and on-demand services like online drive exercises that people can do in their living room.

Boutique online offerings have gained traction, such as Piloton, which offers live classes 39 times a month with the company’s 2,000 bikes. Fitness Blenders Top Free Exercise Fans of the site have come up with an easy way to stay healthy: mix a variety of exercise and eat perfectly healthy.

“It’s not about getting the bikini ready,” said Ms. Segres. “It’s not about dying from a heart attack.”

Daniel Seageres, seen here, and Kelly Seageres star in Fitness Blender videos, most of whom have been shot in their reconstructed garage north of Seattle.

There is no music in the Fitness Blender workout, no screaming, and no fitness model shining in the background. Most exercises require very little equipment, such as a set of dumbbells, or none at all. The company employs one full-time staff member, one-third quarterly and six to 12 contractors. It does not sell dietary supplements, which are a lucrative part of the fitness industry.

“Any additional benefits are not close to their potential risk or financial cost,” said Mr. Siegers, a 36-year-old nutritionist from Texas Tech University. “You just don’t need them.”

Fitness Blender derives most of its revenue from video ads, as well as digital meals and exercise plans, which sell for between 6 and 25%. Despite reaching for bare bones, or perhaps because of it, the seven-year-old fitness blender has grown into what Seagers says is a ڈالر 1 million business with more than 20 percent annual revenue.


Many fitness blenders do not require any equipment.

Cynthia Winward of Provo, Utah, uses Fitness Blender’s online calendar to work out five days a week for herself and her husband Paul. After the children go to school, he does his first thing in the morning.

Windows warmed up the site because they had fewer “girlfriends” than the videos Cynthia liked, and less key than others for what she did.

“Some celebrities exercise, they like to yell at you,” said Ms. Winward, who runs an embroidery design business from home. “We don’t just roll like that. [Siggers] was like, ‘Take a moment if you need to.’

Train Cleland, a 24-year-old grocery store employee, could not attend another gym after moving from a small town to Bergen, Norway. An instructor at her old gym recommended a fitness blender.

“I must say, exercise kicked my butt!” Ms. Cleveland said in an email.

Mr Seagers says more than half of Fitness Blender users live outside the United States. The exercise includes a thermometer-like progress clock and an inset video showing how to do the next exercise, making it easier for non-English speakers to follow.

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Haley Wilson of Fort Erie, Ontario, is such a fitness blender fan that she tattooed the site’s logo on her arm.

Fitness Blender was born during the financial crisis. Ms Segres says Segres locked in her first home on Friday in 2008, got married on Sunday and lost her job at the gym where they met on Monday.

When he made a living – as a plumber’s apprentice and personal trainer, Daniel writes Kelly Freelance and advises unemployed people, he began filming and posting full workout videos on YouTube. started. Mr Siegers says the idea was to get his message out to as many people as possible. At the moment, most fitness gurus use YouTube only for promotional clips, to save their best content for DVD or paid shopping services.

“I think we’ve shaken up the industry a little bit,” said Ms. Seagers, 33. “You can get free workouts from professionals and you never have to open your wallet.”

In the healthcare industry, fitness blenders have demonstrated the power of survival. Kevin Alloka, head of culture and trends at YouTube, says it’s a four-year-old exercise that still receives 30,000 views a day.

Kelly and Daniel Seagers have a small staff but do most of the running of the fitness blender themselves.

Amy Harris Gray, a 52-year-old physical therapist and group fitness instructor in Westlane, Oregon, says the fitness blender’s complete heat and cold removal and modification of people for a lot of money and free is extraordinary. Exercise sites he has tried.


“No one compares quality, personality, options and balanced, safe exercise,” says Ms. Gray.

Ms. Seagers says Seageres was quiet in the early workout videos, but she found that people liked it more when people talked and “huffed and boasted with her.” He also started sharing himself more and more through his website and social media. Ms. Seegers suffocated as she talked about her struggles with eating disorders, and the couple has criticized photo shopping and physical embarrassment.

Some established brands tried to buy a fitness blender, but the founders did not say, Ms. Seagres said. She refuses to name brands.

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“I don’t think we’ve done it,” she says. “I want to see where we can take it.”