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 Skins, in its center, is all about the adolescent experience, a rather passing point in life, thus we see all sorts of ephemera throughout the different generations. From Chris’ rapid deterioration at the conclusion of the second series to Katie watching her house, her loved ones and her identity crumble before her eyes. The relationship dynamic between the characters is continuously shifting, the Relationship Do-Si-Do running thick and fast. The throw themselves are only passing through till it is time for them to depart Roundview.

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So how can the kids respond to this? By enjoying every second of it. They are aware that they’ll never be as young as they are right now and adopt everything that life has to offer you.


Notably through S4, Skins had just one dominant motif; this of growth and development. It was all about taking those Cuban adolescent perceptions of themselves, the entire world and their place within it, also shattering them. Sorry, but you can not save Effy out of herself. Cook parties to destruction because he does not give a fuck? Well, what is likely to happen when it starts affecting people he does care about? Katie’s fantasies of family and higher society, ruined by economic collapse, biological chance and social humiliation. Thomas, who’s fully adjusted to the realities of teen life in modern Britain – until Sophia’s death compels him to seek solace in his origins. Emily, who thinks love is perfect and lovely and all-consuming and all-eternal and her girlfriend is a paragon of humanity – until Naomi cheats.

So having destroyed those teenage ideas, what next? Change or perish. Create the adult decision. Cook accepts the consequences of his actions and hands over to prison. JJ finds a real human connection after decades of ASD-induced isolation. Naomi, who’s spent her whole lifetime within an aloof saracastic bitch in full terror of how much Love Hurts, is totally reborn into a person who can speak about her emotions. She says it for us;”I love you so much it’s killing me” It’s killing who she had been, and replacing her with an individual capable of having an adult loving relationship.

And then there is Freddie. He could not rescue his mother from her demons and he finds he can’t save Effy from hers either; he will not quit trying. And that’s why he died. Since those demons will escape and destroy you. Because sometimes you can find people you just can’t save. And because in the event you carry teenage perceptions into the grownup world, it will shit on you.


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