Healthy food: List of Healthy food

A portion of healthy food is responsible to maintain overall health. Healthy food together with physical activities helps you to enjoy a healthy life. In a situation like COVID 19, it becomes very difficult for everyone to maintain a healthy life. In this pandemic situation, one should fill his/her body with a healthy diet to support a healthy immune system.



There is a variety of food which one can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Filling up your belly with a quality portion of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and cereals can give you a healthy life. Healthy food is not only delicious to eat but it is eye-catching as well at the same time.
Healthy Fruits:
Not all fruits are created with the same benefits. Here is a list of most healthy fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle:
  • Apple:
There is a well known saying that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. It is very common overall in the world and is very beneficial for a healthy contains a portion of calcium and Vitamin D, therefore, it is considered to improve bone health.
It is used over time as a weight-loss tool. At the same time, it is a good source of fibres.
  • Grapefruit:
Grapefruit is a fibrous fruit that is full of nutrition. It boosts your immune system.
it is considered to control high blood pressure hence control heart diseases. It controls appetite and acts as an antioxidant.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food
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  • Avocado:
Avocado is the most healthy fruit of all is rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, and, at the same time Vitamin E and Vitamin C.unlike other fruits, it provides the body with healthy fats.
A portion of avocado can provide the maximum amount of potassium to your body.
  • Pineapple:
Pineapples are rich sources of vitamin C and fibres. They act as antioxidants and play a vital role to Boost up your immune system. As it is an antioxidant therefore it cures you against different diseases like cancer and heart diseases.
  • Pomegranate:
Pomegranate is filled with many beneficial nutrients. It protects against heart diseases and cancer. At the same time, it protects your body against obesity and diabetes.
  • Oranges:
Oranges are goods sources of Vitamin C. They are high in fibre and act as antioxidants.
Other fruits:
All the fruits are not only sweeter but at the same time very helpful for a healthy life. They include mango, cherries, apricot, melon, pineapple, etc.
Meat is considered a rich source of vitamins and proteins. At the same time, it is considered as a rich source of minerals.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food

There is a variety of meat which has different advantages.
  • Beef meat:
Beef meat is a big source of protein and Minerals. It is a big source of L carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the meat. it has various positive impacts on health issues.
  • Camel meat:
Camel meat is one of the biggest sources of protein and contains lower fat and lower cholesterol in it. like other red meat, it contains a high amount of calcium magnesium potassium and other bodily nutrients.
  • Chicken breast:
Chicken meat is a big source of protein. It controls the amino acid levels in the body which may be harmful if the level is too high.
Eggs are the richest source of protein. Most of the portion of protein is present in egg white. Together with protein and other essential nutrients eggs play a vital role in healthy living.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food

Healthy nuts:
 Nuts are the biggest source of fats, proteins, and fibres. Along with these benefits they also contain omega 3 and omega 6. Both omega 6 and omega 3 play a vital role in healthy growth and development.
  • Almonds:
Almonds are a healthy source of fats, proteins, and fibres, and hence considered a healthy diet. Almonds are usually considered brain and eye diet. As they are a rich source of vitamin E they sharpen the memory.
  • Peanuts:
Peanuts like other nuts are full of proteins, fibres, and vitamins. It contains a huge amount of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium and at the same time, it is very high in calories.
  • Pistachios:
  Pistachio is a dry fruit which is full of health is considered an antioxidant. It contains a high amount of protein with low calories. At the same time, it helps in lowering blood sugar.
Healthy vegetables:
There are a lot of vegetables which are very helpful for a healthy lifestyle. Leafy green vegetables are considered more beneficial.
Not all the vegetables are created with the same benefits or with equal benefits.
 Here is a list of most  healthy vegetable:
  • Spinach:
Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is considered the most healthy vegetable on the planet. It is rich in Vitamin A Vitamin C and Vitamin K. In addition to these, it is also a rich source of magnesium iron and magnesium. Eating leafy green vegetables may reduce health issues, like high blood pressure and eyesight problems.
  • Carrots:
Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. It also proves very helpful in eyesight problems due to the high amount of vitamin A in it.studies have shown that eating carrots may reduce the risk of cancer in drug-addicted persons.
  • Garlic:
Garlic has a variety of health benefits. For a very long time, it is used as a medicinal plant. It is used to reduce blood sugar and different heart diseases. It can also control blood cholesterol levels.
This vegetable is rich in nutrients and protein. Kale belongs to the cabbage family. Mostly it is used to build and repair muscles because it contains a high amount of protein.
Dairy Products:
Dairy products are a rich source of calcium. They strengthen the bones very effectively. Different dairy products include yoghurt and milk.
Dairy products are equally beneficial for both kids and youngers.


Trigger Veg adds a ton of flavor to any recipe, but it doesn’t add much to your back.  Onions contain anthocyanins, which boost blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels, in addition to minerals and oils that help break down fats and speed up your metabolism.  Research shows that a diet rich in onions can also boost your mood, regulate your sleep and reduce your risk of cancer.

Overall all the natural produce vegetables, fruits and grains are very beneficial for health.


Weight loss: Tips and Tricks

How to get rid of extra fat is the most frequently asked question all time. To answer this simple question is very easy but following the whole guideline is not as simple as it appears to be. There are different strategies in which people can opt to lose weight.
Usually, people gain weight when they eat more than their body needs. However not only this factor induce obesity but there are a lot of other factors at the same time such as genetic factors, hormonal problems, metabolic disorders, body type, and daily life routine.
Obesity is the most widely spread problem throughout the world. It is very easy to gain weight but the weight loss journey is very difficult.
Researches have shown that every year almost 2.8 million people die due to complications arises related to obesity.
Obesity health risk:
There are different diseases directly related to obesity.such as
·         High blood pressure
·         Diabetes
·         brain stroke
·         heart stroke
·         liver disease
·         kidney disease and many more.
These diseases can only be controlled by lowering body fat.
Diet for weight loss:
Different myths are associated with a weight loss diet. Different foods absorb through different metabolic pathways in the body. There are different diet plans which leave you hungry even after taking a complete meal.
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks
There are different low energy diets that don’t fill you up completely. However, all the diets do not do the same. A good diet plan helps you to lose weight and aims to:


·         Reduce your appetite
·         Readily helps you lose weight
·         Improve metabolic health
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Weight lose diet:
Many different quick weight diet plans are available which help you reduce weight.
Cut back on carbs:
Lowering down sugar in your diet helps you to lose weight. There are different diet plans which are suggested by health consultants which help to maintain lower body weight include lower sugar and carbohydrates.
An advantage of lowering carbs is that it lowers down insulin level in the blood and hence in that sense it aids the kidney to shed down extra sodium and water content.
Researches have shown that low carbs diets are even more helpful in lowering a weight than low-fat diets.
Low carbs vegetables:
Different vegetables are lower in carbs but still are considers healthy diets. The list of low carbs vegetables is given below
·         Cauliflower
·         Tomato
·         Cabbage
·         Cucumber
·         Lettuce etc
These are all leafy green vegetables that help lower body fat. These are all low in calories and full of fibers.
Eating leafy green vegetables fill up your hunger without much affecting body weight as these are lower in fat. Additionally, leafy green vegetables are also rich in nutrients, calcium, and vitamin C.
Healthy fat diet:
It was considered that fats are not good for a healthy life. But now the time has been changed and studies have shown that not all the fats are not harmful to your body. Some fats are even more useful for healthy body growth.
Sources of healthy fats include:
·         Olive oil
·         coconut oil
·         butter
·         cheese etc
Different exercises are used to shed down extra weight.These exercises work by burning extra body fat.List of useful exercises are mentioned as under:
All physical activities that are useful to burn fat are considered for weight loss. Walking is one of these exercises that are used to burn extra body fat.
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks
Figure 2:morning walk for weight loss
When we move or walk full body comes in working position. But walking alone is not enough to lose weight, it is helpful only when you maintain a less caloric diet along with.
Jogging or Running:
Jogging and running are considered to be the best fat burning exercises.Running is an action in which runner moves on quickly than to walking. A healthy life needs a healthy body, and a healthy body can be build up by doing different exercises.
Figure 3:Jogging:best fat burning exercise
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks

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After running your body absorbs maximum oxygen and hence it nourishes your body and increases metabolic rate. At the same time running helps to decrease different disease rates like Heart Failure, Depression, and different mental diseases.

Like jogging and walking, another fat-burning exercise is cycling.It helps in tightening muscles hence reduce leg fats.
Figure 4:cycling for fat lose
Only 30 minutes of cycling daily will help you to burn a maximum of fats and hence aids in weight loss.
There are a lot of other exercises that are at the same time very important and proves very useful to lower body fat.

Amazing Uses Of Almond Oil

Amazing Uses Of Almond Oil

Almonds have proved to be very useful in health as well as beauty. Almond oil is very cheap on the pocket including enhancing your beauty. You can get the best results by using this oil instead of your 8 expensive beauty products.
According to nutritionists, the use of dried fruits is very useful for both health and beauty, but almonds are superior to all others. In terms of nutrition, 100 grams of almonds contain 579 calories, 21.15 grams of protein, 49.93 grams of fat. Contains 21.55 grams of carbohydrates, 12.50 grams of fiber, 4.35 grams of sugar.

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In terms of vitamins and minerals, almonds are rich in 269 mg of calcium, 3.17 mg of iron, 270 mg of magnesium, 481 mg of force, 733 mg of potassium and 25.63 mg of vitamin E.

According to experts, almonds are a completely nutritious fruit, the use of which enhances overall health and beauty. How to use almonds to enhance beauty?

Almond oil is the best natural moisturizer
Due to the omega 3 fatty acids found in almond oil, it is an excellent natural moisturizer which is very useful for hair and face. Applying a few drops of almond oil on the face daily makes the complexion whiter and clearer. Harmful skin also helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Makeup remover
Use almond oil instead of expensive make-up with expensive chemical moisturizers, apply almond oil all over your face and massage lightly with your hands and after wiping your face with wet wipe or tissue for a good fee. Wash with a wash, this way you will save money and the skin will not dry out.

The use of omega-3 acids and vitamin A can protect the skin from wrinkles. Almond oil contains both of these ingredients in large quantities. Before going to bed at night, apply almond oil on the face and neck for a few weeks. I will make your skin look beautiful young.

Under eye cream
Many cosmetic companies make under-eye creams that claim to eliminate tourist circles around the eyes, but even after paying a hefty low price, the problem persists, with almond oil causing the problem. There is also a solution, its use removes the complaint of tourist circles and eye bags around the eyes.

People who suffer from chapped and dry lips even in summer including winter should definitely try almond oil once instead of beauty products. Vitamin E in almond oil is very useful for the lips, it is also a cheap solution. And treatment.

Helps to remove blemishes
Almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E, helps to heal acne, pimples, scars, blemishes and new skin cells.

The most expensive sunscreen lotions on the market are available, but no one seems to be satisfied with their use. Almond oil naturally protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, ie to protect it from the sun’s rays, ie ‘ultraviolet rays’. So when you go out of the house, apply 2 to 3 drops of almond oil on your face. After 15 minutes, place a cotton cloth on the skin and press it lightly so that the excess oil is absorbed in the cloth. Now you can go out without fear.
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Expensive treatments are taken from beauty parlors to make the hair silky, smooth, smooth and beautiful, but in a short time money is wasted and the health of the hair becomes worse than before.
Make it a habit to use almond oil for long, shiny, thick and tangled hair. For best results, massage almond oil twice a week from the roots to the ends of the hair and apply it on the scalp for 30 minutes. Wrap a towel soaked in warm water, shampoo your hair after 30 minutes, the best results will surprise you.

How is guava leaf tea helpful in treating 10 diseases?

How is guava leaf tea helpful in treating 10 diseases?

Guava is one of the fruits that most people do not understand the benefits of its low price. Although guava is a fruit that has amazing benefits in terms of benefits, it also contains a large amount of vitamin C, in addition, it also contains antioxidants that help remove toxins from the body. It helps to lose weight, lowers the level of sugar in the body – but in addition to these benefits of the fruit, the leaves of the guava tree are also very useful and the tea made from them is very useful for major diseases. Useful for treatment

1: For diarrhea Diarrhea is caused by a special type of bacteria that affects the digestive system and results in severe abdominal pain, watery diarrhea and vomiting – the new leaves of the guava tree are used to treat it. Are used for Put it in a cup of warm water and leave it for a while and then strain it and drink it. This tea eliminates the germs that eliminate diarrhea and improve the digestive process.

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2: For diabetics Tea from the leaves of the guava tree is known as a healthy drink, especially in Japan. It is especially used by diabetics because it controls the level of sugar in the body.

3: Lose weight If you want to lose weight, add guava leaf tea to your diet after every meal. This tea prevents fat and rain from accumulating in the body and helps in weight loss by melting body fat. Proves-

4: Protects against cancer Guava tea protects against the risk of oral cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. It contains large amounts of antioxidants that eliminate toxins and build new healthy cells. Are helpful-

5: Cough for cold and flu This tea contains a large amount of vitamin C and iron which helps in relieving colds and coughs and helps in expelling mucus.

6: Eliminates acne Grinding guava leaves and applying it on the face gets rid of pimples on the skin. And drinking its tea reduces the rate of fat in the blood, which makes the skin clear and clear.

7: Prevents hair from falling out If you are suffering from hair loss and hair is getting weak, guava leaves are the best treatment for it. Boil guava leaves in water and after this water cools down, massage it on the hair roots of the scalp. In a few days, not only will the hair fall out, but it will also keep the hair healthy.

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8: Useful for teeth The emerald leaves restore the swollen gums to normal. Also, in case of toothache, grinding and applying these leaves not only relieves the pain but also relieves bad breath.

9: Get a good night’s sleep Guava leaf tea calms the nerves and promotes good and pleasant sleep, so experts recommend drinking it before going to bed.

10: Increased immunity Guava leaf tea improves immunity and provides strength to fight various diseases due to which its daily use is very beneficial for health.

what is the best way to lose weight


are there foods we can eat that can actually assist us in our health and weight-loss journey today you’re going to find out today I’m counting down ten healthy foods for weight loss so these are foods that have a lot of nutritional benefits but they are also going to help us control our weight and today I’m going to talk about why each of these foods can be a big part of helping us obtain our weight loss goals if we’re trying to lose weight it’s going to be really important that we eliminate refined sugar and candy from our diet but we will still have that inevitable .

sweet tooth so food number ten is cherries now the reason that cherries are on my list is because we still are going to have that sweet tooth that we need to satisfy in some way so when we look at the different fruits cherries is actually one of the lowest glycemic or lowest sugar fruits which means it gives us fiber it gives us lots of nutrients and it’s going to be one of the healthiest ways to satisfy a sweet tooth cherries like any of the deep purple fruits that are out there are also going to give you a lot of antioxidants when we think antioxidants we think anti-aging so cherries are a great healthy food for weight loss food number nine is almonds so almonds give us 29 grams of protein per cup now we don’t often think about nuts as an exceptional source of protein but in actuality they are they also give us those healthy fats that are going to help fill us up and keep us feeling satisfied longer nuts also give us a lot of minerals so almonds in particular are going to give us.

magnesium and are known to be really great for supporting the health of the heart we also get vitamin E which is fantastic for our skin and almonds overall are just one of my absolute favorite foods so food number eight is mushrooms mushrooms are a fantastic food for vegetarians and vegans but they’re also a great food for meat eaters as well nutritionally speaking they actually have a similar nutritional profile to animal meats they give us lots of iron they give us lots of protein now the cool thing about mushrooms is that they’re low in fat and they’re low in sodium however they’re incredibly flavorful mushrooms actually contain the amino acid glutamic acid and this is the amino acid when they use MSG or monosodium glutamate so it’s incredibly flavorful incredibly stimulating amino acid and it’s one of the reasons that mushrooms are so

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so delicious food number seven is the sweet potato now I’m sure a lot of you are thinking wait a second how can a sweet potato help me lose weight isn’t it one of the more high sugar vegetables and technically speaking yes you’re correct but again like I mentioned when I brought up Cherry’s at the beginning of the video even though you’re trying to eat healthier and have a healthier diet you’re still going to have sugar cravings okay especially if you’re someone who’s used to eating lots of refined sugar which is pretty much all of us so the sweet potato is a really great vegetable for weight loss because it can satisfy that sugar craving and at the same time it’s giving you lots of soluble fiber it’s giving you lots of beta-carotene vitamin C helps to raise our vitamin A levels now it’s recommended that when you eat sweet potato you consume it with a little bit of fat and that actually helps the body to better absorb

beta-carotene food number six is the avocado and if you’ve been watching my videos this is probably not the first time you’ve heard me talk about avocado one of many wonderful things about the avocado in addition to how versatile it is is that the avocado is actually so low glycemic or causes such a minimal spike in our blood sugar when we eat it it’s actually so low-carb that they don’t even give it a value glycemic index so when we’re talking about a way to satisfy our hunger with some good healthy fats but in a way that’s not going to increase our blood sugar levels causing the insulin response that causes weight gain avocados are an excellent food for that purpose.
again they offer other benefits like vitamins enzymes antioxidants and I’m really I could just probably do a whole video about the avocado it’s one of my favorite foods and a great way to satisfy hunger so you can avoid overeating so food number five is edamame or soybeans so this is what the soybeans look like in their natural state and if you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant or sushi restaurant you’ve probably seen edamame before edamame gives us 30 grams of protein per cup now
among the legumes we get lots of different health benefits and just as a general rule of thumb legumes or beans are a great source of protein I did want to just show you though this edamame or the soybean in its natural state now soy has become a really common ingredient in processed foods so you’ll see things like soy lecithin or soy protein isolate but if you want to get the health benefits from soy you really need to eat it in this state it’s minimally processed or most natural state the only other healthy source of soy is tempeh which is a fermented tofu product that you can find right next to the tofu in your grocery store so when it
comes to eating soy I know this is a big issue I get lots of questions about soy and the live chat but I think it’s really important to understand the difference between processed soy ingredients like when you see soy on an ingredient list or having a more natural source of soy like edamame or tempeh which actually offer a lot of protein and other health benefits food number four is keen it kind of looks like Quinnie wa-now quinoa is actually a seed it’s not a grain although it’s often considered among the other whole grains like brown rice and I have some brown rice here to show you as well so quinoa is a great replacement for your other high carb foods so certainly when we’re talking about bread and tortillas and other things made with white flour you really want to remove those things from your diet and if you can replace
those things with a whole grain or with quinoa then you’re going to really be doing your health and your waistline a big favor so in addition to being a great source of protein quinoa also gives us lots of flavonoids or antioxidants once again when you think antioxidant think anti-aging quinoa is also an excellent source of fiber and minerals like selenium so when we think about fiber and why we want fiber in our diet not only does it help things move through our digestive tract more smoothly but it’s also really important for satisfying our hunger and when it comes to weight loss I think that’s really one of the number one things is that we can satisfy our hunger feeling satisfied feeling satiated that’s going to be a really important aspect of being able to control how much we eat I just want to show you this brown rice because again whole grains in general are going to be a great part of weight loss and there’s actually been a lot of
scientific research done specifically on the correlation between whole grains in the diet and weight loss so you’re really doing yourself a big favor when you replace things like white rice with brown rice and things like white flour with something like quinoa so here I have actually a short grain brown rice it may look a little different from what you’re used to which might be the long grain brown rice but again all the different grains have a wide variety of minerals and it’s going to be in your best interest to get a variety of these different grains and seeds in your diet so in slot number three I have the only non vegan food that I’m showing in this video and it’s not because I particularly think that yogurt is such a miracle weight-loss food but I think it’s a really important point to address the difference between Greek yogurt and what I would consider a healthy yogurt so I want to start by looking at this little Yoplait Greek yogurt now the thing about Greek yogurt is that it uses fat-free milk so that ends up
looking like something that’s going to help you lose weight because it actually has fewer grams of fat but the truth of the matter is that when we look at dairy products and really any food for that matter that naturally contains fat you actually need the fat in that food in order to digest the protein that is in the rest of the food so when you use fat-free milk whether on its own or whether in the context of yogurt you’re actually not doing yourself a favor I also have to point out that on these little packaged yogurts like this if we take a look at the ingredients we have sugar within the first three ingredients we also have artificial sweeteners which are known to actually make you crave more sugar and are known to make people actually overeat okay so anything with artificial
sweeteners in it just no that’s not going to be helping you lose weight and in my opinion that you’re not healthy either okay but when we compare that to this yogurt this White Mountain yogurt you can see what a drastic difference there is and the ingredients or when you get an actual plain yogurt we have no added sugar we have no added weird sweeteners or anything like that so you can actually flavor this yourself and use it in a wide variety of ways and as well with this you can see that I have a whole milk yogurt this is going to be a much better option it’s going to help satisfy your hunger and also you’re going to be able to actually absorb more of a protein in the yogurt when it does contain those natural fats the last comment I want to make about yogurt is
that it’s a great example of a probiotic food or a fermented food so tempeh that I mentioned earlier is also a
fermented food there are vegan versions of fermented foods as well like kombucha and kefir so if you don’t want something that has animal products in it you can still easily get your probiotics without having the dairy food number two is raw cacao and if you’re surprised to hear me talking about chocolate in a video about weight loss let me tell you why first off it’s important to differentiate the difference between your conventional chocolate bar and even a dark chocolate bar as compared to raw cacao powder so when you hear the words raw cacao what that means is that the powder has not been processed or heated in a lot of cases when you look at the ingredients on chocolate you’ll see the words
processed with alkali and that is the process that they use to make cocoa powder which is a lot more shelf-stable it’s going to last longer but if you want the health benefits of the cacao bean you need to make sure that you have raw cacao powder or raw cacao nibs you can even get the cacao beans themselves cacao gives us a great amount of iron it is also got the largest amount of magnesium compared to any other food and it gives us fiber so once again adding a little bit of cacao powder to our oatmeal or to a smoothie is a great way to get a little bit of more of that fiber that we really want to have in our diet so that we’re feeling full and so that we’re feeling satisfied when you figure in that most of us crave chocolate anyways if there’s something that we can eat that actually gives us health benefits and satisfies a chocolate craving what could be better number one spinach kale and broccoli oh my all right so a video about healthy weight loss just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the cruciferous vegetables or these leafy greens like kale spinach and broccoli these foods are so neutral dents that it’s really a no-brainer to include more of these foods and a healthy diet so because they give us lots of fiber all right they’re going to help fill us up in addition to that we get lots of antioxidants we get vitamins we get minerals these foods have so many nutritional benefits and are really going to help satisfy those nutritional needs of the body and largely a lot of the hunger that we feel is really our body’s desire to just meet its nutritional needs so when you’re incorporating lots of these good leafy green vegetables in your diet you should actually find that you have less hunger and less food cravings it is recommended that you consume the cruciferous vegetables with a little bit of vitamin C so either squeezing lemon on your kale or spinach or consuming these foods with something like grapefruit or oranges when it comes to weight loss it’s important to consider the caloric density versus nutrient density of a food and that’s just a fancy schmancy way of saying how many calories am i taking in in order to take in that amount of nutrition and the bottom line is with these really healthy vegetables the calories that they give you are so low compared to the fiber and the nutrients they offer that it would be probably almost impossible to gain weight if you are mostly eating these good healthy vegetables these vegetables also support detoxification they’re anti-inflammatory and just in general are going to aid in healthier more vibrant looking skin and in helping us to control our weight here you will find a few related videos that I think may be of interest after
I talked about foods that will help you to lose weight but if you’d like to learn the 10 most obesity causing foods I encourage you to check out the video I also have listed my video 10 easy ways to lose weight which is a great little reference guide to give you simple tips on how to lose weight starting right now you’ll so find the ,
9 foods to never eat if you want to learn some of the worst foods for health and weight loss I want to thank you so much for watching this video if you’d like to learn more about me and my health coaching practice.

top 10 weight-loss tips that science actually knows work


top 10 weight-loss tips that science actually knows work

I’m Karina Rachel I’m a certified health coach and today I want to give you ten easy ways to lose weight.
so I want to start out by asking you a question do you consume products like these that have the word diet or have the word light on them do you think that they’re helping you lose weight today .

I’m going to give you ten easy practical tips that will help you lose weight. and I’m going to tell you the truth about products. like these at the root of weight loss live hunger and my first tip is to learn how to control your hunger,

so that hunger stops controlling you it’s gonna be a lot easier to live our lives if we’re just not feeling hungry all the time then if we’re constantly hungry and we’re constantly trying to resist eating foods so I have a couple artecls that talk about controlling hunger.

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the primary thing is eating whole natural foods. as long as you’re eating a diet of processed foods you are always going to feel hungry you’re never going to really feel satisfied eating a lot of refined carbohydrates and sugar is also going to contribute to you never really being able to satisfy your hunger but once you can actually satisfy your hunger and achieve that feeling of being full that’s going to be the first step to really losing weight.

the calories that we drink are perhaps. the most insidious calories that we consume because we don’t associate sugary drinks with weight gain the way we associate candy bars and hamburgers with weight gain,
but you can just imagine that big gulp on your thighs because sugary drinks do turn into fat and do cause weight gain so giving up sugary drinks is a really good way to start losing weight because you’re going to cut out a huge amount of sugar and calories that you may not even be realizing you’re consuming another note about this mountain dew it contains 77 grams of sugar and carbohydrates.

which is actually more than a candy bar so replacing the soft drinks and even fruit juices which are also really high in sugar with healthier beverages is going to be a really good idea realize that water is the only beverage that’s really going to satisfy your thirst, if your feelings thirsty with the exception of coconut water which is also a healthy beverage you can also drink tea you can drink kombucha you can drink water that’s flavored with fruit or flavored with cucumbers for instance and all of these beverages are going to be way healthier than your fruit juices or your soft drinks.

so let’s talk about the sugar free and diet products.

that people often replace their sugary beverages and foods with so realize that the claims made on the front of the label like sugar free diet light healthy choice they’re there for marketing purposes only but you’re smarter than these marketing people so you actually want to look at the back of the food.
and what you’ll see oftentimes is a really long ingredient list like this one and recognize that when you see that really long ingredient list you are about to eat toxic sludge and whether or not you really care about being healthy.

let’s say all you care about is losing weight realize, that the toxic sludge still isn’t going to help you these products also contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame and actually all three of these products right here all three contain aspartame and aspartame is known to have toxic effects and it also contributes to blood sugar metabolism issues and in general is not going to help you lose weight.
so sometimes people will ask me korrina.
how do you resist these processed foods they’re super convenient they’re super cheap and I tell them well it’s kind of like asking how I resist toxic sludge I recognize that these products not only aren’t gonna help you lose weight but they are really really unhealthy on top of that be smarter than the marketing guy and don’t just trust what’s on the front of the label and look on the back of the label chances are if you are trying to lose weight then you eat a lot of fat-free and nonfat products like,


skim milk or margarine

for instance and even though they demonized fats over the last couple decades they told us that fats cause heart disease fats are what make us fat after a couple of decades they’re actually realizing that it’s really the carbohydrates and sugar that are leading to obesity and leading to heart disease and the lack of fats and people’s diet is leading to health problems so we need fats for the health of our brain for the health of our heart but also because fats are a big part of what helped us feel full and help us feel satisfied.

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after we eat a meal so it kind of goes back to my first tip about controlling our hunger.
a key to controlling our hunger is actually eating some good healthy fats like, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts avocados don’t demonize fats realize that good healthy fats are good for you and that eating more fats is actually going to help you lose weight.

if you are starving yourself and counting calories then you just need to stop not only is your irritability becoming a problem for everyone around you and probably for you also but starvation and limiting our caloric intake doesn’t really help us lose weight so maybe initially we’ll do some weight but this is not a sustainable way to achieve weight loss so realize that if you are restricting your calories your body is thinking that it’s going through a famine and it thinks that it needs to survive this period of time that food is not available so it’s actually gonna cling on to every bit of fat that you have because it’s thinking that otherwise it might starve to death.
so limiting our calories it’s kind of you know it’s kind of backwards thinking we would think that we would lose weight but really limiting your calories is not going to help you lose weight it’s also going to create a really stressful situation in your body that’s gonna have a lot of other health implications as well.

so rather than counting calories and limiting our calories we want to focus on eating the right calories so if we stay away from these processed foods with a really long frankenfood ingredient list and focus on eating whole natural foods like the ones that I mentioned in basic nutrition what to eat then you’re gonna know that every calorie you get is helping you have more nutrition it’s giving you fiber.
it’s gonna help satisfy your hunger and fill you up so rather than focusing on limiting your calories you want to focus on just improving the calories that you’re consuming the weight-loss.

industry is a 60 billion dollar industry full of miracle products that are offering you a quick fix for weight loss.
so there’s diet pills diet programs prepackaged meals fitness doodads and all of them will proclaim that they’re gonna help you lose weight but if you look at the small print you’ll see that almost every single one of them says results not typical diet and exercise are really important so it leaves you wondering is it the diet and exercise or is it the crazy doodad.

that the person purchased and I also have to point out that when you’ve got a celebrity endorsing a product that celebrity has a whole team of people helping them with Fitness helping them with their diet helping groom them there’s not something that they’ve done on their own so just because this so-called pill or this so-called product worked for a celebrity doesn’t mean it’s gonna work.

for you so this tip is to save your money on weight loss pills.

prepackaged meals and fitness doodads and spend that money on healthy natural foods.
that are actually going to help you control your hunger avoid toxic sludge etc etc so if you can stop looking for that quick fix then,

that’s gonna actually help you lose weight because you can be a lot more realistic with yourself and a lot more realistic about what’s actually going to help you lose weight and what’s actually just wasting your money if you are stressing yourself out over losing weight loss then that stress could be the very thing sabotaging your weight loss efforts realize that when your body is stressed out your body’s going to prioritize the basic functions like immunity and digestion and it’s going to put things like fat metabolism and muscle .


formation on the back burner

so even if you’re working working out a whole lot if you’re really stressed out then your body is not going to be burning fat as efficiently as it would be if you are managing your stress and you weren’t so stressed out so make time for relaxation and stress relief another important way to keep your cortisol levels low is by eating more slowly eating more consciously paying attention to what you’re eating rather than multitasking a million different things.

while you’re eating and driving or eating at your desk or something like that and if you aren’t working out then you need to be working

out because just a sedentary lifestyle is another thing that can contribute to our body being stressed out one of my favorite tips is that if you can’t make time for physical activity then find ways to make your daily activities more active so things like doing calf raises and squats while you’re brushing your teeth or while you’re washing the dishes or taking the stairs instead of the elevator making time for stress relief and making time for physical activity.

is a really important part not only of overall health but also of losing weight extreme hunger is really our enemy if we’re trying to lose weight because when we get really frantically extremely hungry we’re going to be 10 times more likely to make an unhealthy decision or to resort to those convenience foods that we know we should avoid so junk food fast food vending machine food etc and we’re going to have a lot more strength in resisting those convenience foods if we don’t let ourselves get just incredibly incredibly hungry.

so snacks are the primary way to prevent that from happening right if we carry around some healthy snacks with us then at the point that you start feeling really hungry you can munch on an apple or an orange eat some nuts eat an avocado eat something that is going to tide you over until you can make a healthier meal choice and as long as we have an alternative to those convenience.

foods those really unhealthy convenience foods then we’re going to be able to resist them a lot easier than if we’re just trying to resist them and deal with the hunger right because it’s really hard to mind-over-matter overcome your hunger so healthy snacks are my next tip if you want to hear of more of a discussion on snacking and whether or not to snack I have an entire video on that topic but the tip I want you to take with you is to start carrying around healthy.

snacks in your purse so you have them with you all the time to give you an alternative to those convenience foods that often get the best of us stop rewarding yourself with junk food and start rewarding yourself with healthier foods so oftentimes this is something that actually starts in our childhood where at school will receive a piece of candy for a good grade or maybe our parents will take us out for ice cream and what this does is it kind of conditions us to associate junk food with a reward and so it actually activates the reward.

pathway in our brain every time we eat junk food so the good news is that you can recondition their reward pathways in your brain and this is really pretty easy to do so you just want to start rewarding yourself with healthier food so after a long stressful day or after you succeed in something you get a good grade on something or you complete a project reward yourself with something healthier.

so maybe it’s just a healthy version of something you would already eat like a cookie or a piece of cake but you just want to make sure that it’s not this frankenfood toxic sludge kind of a thing with a really long ingredient list you can actually find cookies that are made without high fructose corn syrup that are made without enriched flour and that aren’t these processed food toxic sludge.

nightmares that I talked about earlier another way you could think about this is just replacing your unhealthy foods with healthier foods so steamed carrots with cinnamon is a way that I love to satisfy my sugar craving for instance another example would be fruit and whether you want to just eat the whole fruit by itself or you want to have a little fruit Medellin or something like that eating fruit is gonna be way way WAY healthier than eating a candy bar drinking a soda or something like that so the more that you just start to reward yourself with healthy foods the more that your brain.

will actually find healthy foods more rewarding and you can start reversing this process of associating junk food with being a reward so if we want to have sustainable weight loss which is what everybody wants right because nobody wants to lose the weight gain it back and then have to lose again then we’re going to need to create healthy habits and rather than going on a diet for a set period of time and then totally letting loose the minute we get off the diet we actually want to focus on creating healthy habits that we’re gonna have for the long haul and most of us would say I’m a creature of habit I know that I definitely feel that way and the good thing about being a creature of habit is that once you start building these healthy habits it’ll become a habit that you won’t even have to think about anymore.

so rather than focusing on breaking the bad habits we’re gonna focus on developing good new habits and I’m going to encourage you to start really really small so something like I’m going to replace one soda drink or one soft drink per week with a healthy beverage and the rest you can drink your sodas but one time per week I’m gonna replace that that soda drink with a healthier drink or I’m going to spend one minute per day doing some physical exercise or doing some stress relief and you can make those habits a little more habitual by doing them at the same time every day or doing them on the same day of the week each week so I just want to reiterate that the more you can give yourself reasonable goals.

that you can actually see yourself successfully reaching the more you’re just gonna build wins and each time you have a little win each time you have a little success it’s gonna propel you forward and motivate you to keep on going so this tip is to start creating habits and even if they are super super tiny that’s actually going to be more likelihood that you’re gonna keep that habit if it’s actually a small habit and a reasonable goal then giving yourself really outlandish habits or trying to do something kind of impossible like say I’m never gonna drink another soda or I am never going to you know eat another fast food meal give yourself reasonable realistic .

goals and then you’ll actually reach them in a future video I’m going to count down the top 10 foods that are preventing you from losing weight and I’m gonna give you alternative foods that’ll actually help you lose weight preparing healthy meals ourselves is going to be the number one way that we can get away from the toxic sludge processed food meals and actually start losing weight and actually get healthier.

so in future videos I’m going to take you into my stupid easy kitchen and show you ridiculously simple healthy meals that you can make at home thank you so much for watching my video today please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts about any of the information I shared and any topic requests that you’d like me to address in future videos if you’d like to learn more about me and my one-on-one health coaching you can visit Corinna Rachel calm please be sure to subscribe to the psyche truth Channel we are dedicated to helping you take control of your health and happiness.

we post a new video every single day thank you so much give me a thumbs up and I look forward to seeing you again next time after this video you may be wondering gee whiz karena what’s left for me to eat check out my video basic nutrition what to eat my number 1 weight loss tip is to learn how to control your hunger to see my artecls on this topic.,

check out hunger sucks for some really simple guidelines on how to tell the difference between a processed freakin food and a healthy natural food check out my video the easiest diet ever what are the worst foods out there contributing to obesity and preventing us from losing weight check out my artecls the top 10 obesity causing foods.

Weight Loss Programs


Weight Loss Programs

 Many people suffer from overweight or obesity, and there are many people who suffer from an adverse problem, which is thinness

as many common diseases can lead to non-weight gain, and the reason for thinness may be the lack of adequate calories In the diet, knowing the signs and symptoms to look for helps determine whether weight loss is caused by lifestyle or as a result of a chronic disease , and the BMI can be used to find out whether the weight is in a healthy or unhealthy range, for people who They have a mass index of less than 18.5 in need of weight gain

Causes of thinness Weight Loss Programs

There are many reasons not to gain weight, including:

Family genetics: Some people have a normal BMI due to the physical properties present in their families
High metabolic rate: If the metabolic rate is high, a person may not gain significant weight even when eating high-calorie foods

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Exercise: Exercise that makes the body lose fat and weight instead of exercises that help increase muscle mass, there are many exercises that help build muscle and gain weight

Lifestyle: Lack of food intake is one of the reasons why a person does not gain weight. For the body to gain weight it must exceed the calories needed to gain weight, and every body needs different calories, so you must eat appropriate quantities of food and choose healthy food

Organic diseases: Many diseases interfere with weight gain or loss and are more related to weight loss, because they may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite, such as
Diabetes: There are two types of diabetes, usually the first type is diagnosed in childhood but it can also be diagnosed at a later age, which is caused by insulin deficiency in the body, while the second type is known as insulin resistance and usually occurs in adulthood, and insulin regulates the amount of glucose In the body, therefore weight and appetite are often the first visible symptoms because glucose is the main energy source in the body, and both types can lead to weight loss.

Hyperthyroidism: The thyroid gland affects the metabolism through the hormones it produces, as the production of a lot of thyroid hormone speeds up the metabolism and calories burned, and the appetite often increases, but eating a lot of food does not affect the weight in this case.

Digestive problems: The occurrence of intestinal problems means that the body does not fully absorb the food intake, a person may suffer from malnutrition and will not be able to gain weight, and this type of disease is known as malabsorption syndrome, and some common forms of this type of disease are syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and ulcers. Symptoms include blood in the stool, abnormal bowel movements, fatigue, abdominal pain, gases, and weight loss.

Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating disorders include

Nervousing: it is a condition that leads to devouring large quantities of excessive food, in addition to compensatory actions that prevent the accumulation of calories such as vomiting.

Anorexia: It is a psychological disorder in which the fear of being overweight increases, despite the weight loss, which prevents the person who has it from eating food and strikes him for fear of being overweight.
Tips to gain weight in healthy ways
Combining high calorie intake and proper exercise are the two most important factors, yet there are many other strategies to gain weight and include

Not drinking water before meals because it may fill the stomach and make it difficult to get enough calories.
Eat more than once during the day, and increase an extra meal or snack between main meals as much as possible.

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Drinking whole milk to quench thirst is a simple way to get more protein and high-quality calories.
Use weight gain supplements, because they are high in protein, carbohydrates and calories.
Use large plates because small plates automatically cause people to eat small amounts of food.
Add cream to the coffee, to add more calories.
Adequate sleep is very important for muscle growth.
If there is a mixture of foods in the dish, it is best to eat calorie-rich and protein-rich foods first and then eat vegetables.

Quitting smoking causes weight gain.

Heavy lifting because this will only help you gain muscle mas instead of fat.
Food that helps in gaining Weight Loss Programs

Foods rich in nutrients can help a person gain weight safely and effectively, among these foods

Milk: Milk provides a mixture of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, as well as a source of vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, and the protein content available in milk makes it a good choice for people trying to build muscle.

Protein supplementation: helps a person gain weight easily and efficiently, and is more effective in building muscle if drunk after a short period of exercise.

Rice: a good source of carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain.
Red meat: Contains leucine, an amino acid that the body uses to build protein, creatine, and nutrients that play an important role in increasing muscle mass, which helps in weight gain.

Whole grain bread: This bread contains complex carbohydrates, which can help you gain weight.
Carbohydrates: improve muscle growth and weight gain because they increase the num
ber of calories, and foods rich in carbohydrates include potatoes, corn grains, beans, squash, oats and legumes.
Salmon: Contains many nutrients including omega-3 and protein.

Dried fruits: rich in nutrients and calories, for example a quarter cup of dried cranberries contains 130 calories, and dried fruits can be pineapple, cherry, and apple.

Avocado: Rich in calories and fat, as well as some vitamins and minerals.
Dark Chocolate: Rich in fat and high in calories, it also contains antioxidants.
Fats and oils: unsaturated oils such as olive oil and avocado, increase calories and healthy unsaturated fats, as a tablespoon of olive oil contains approximately 1,200 calories.
Nuts: Eating nuts regularly can help you gain weight safely.